YES DORIS I would love you to come and shake up my party / board meeting and tell us all some truth !

Alright luvs, tell me yer names, addresses, numbers, funny e-numbers as well and yer web mullarky so I can get in touch.





How you heard about my kitchen:_____________________________________

What kind of event do you need me to make the tea for ?____________________

Do you want me to give you the :
a) gentle walkabout treatment ?
b) Full theatre show?
c) Corporate advisory service?

Date needed : _____________________________

Do you just want an initial chat ?_________________________

Do you want me monthly news ?___________________________

Best time to reach you:_________________________________

Right, let's get busy …Send an email to doristlc@hotmail.com






Doris Divine Digits-
- marigolds to marvel at, rubber gloves to ruminate over. Sparkle and glisten while you clean the lav. Better still just put them on and watch while he does the job.

Only £12 a pair - the perfect gift for her.

Affirmations for A Bun Dance.
Channelled inspiration from Iris on the other side. Top tips on prosperity, passion, pork pies and plumbing. Personalised postcard, photo, poem, prose and anything else that starts with a "p". Most things do luv.

Only £12 - the perfect gift for him.

Doris' Monthly Mag - like to keep up with the latest new age gossip ? Sign up for me e-newsletter and let's have a giggle together. Email and let me know you'd like to join the club.

Annual subscription: £12 and a box of earl grey tea bags.

If you want to fill yer shopping trolley, email order and send a sterling cheque to:
Rachel Caine, Apartado Correos 703, San Antonio, CP 07820 Ibiza, Spain