Well, luvs I've been doing jigs fer a long time now since I first managed to get out of Pontefract. Here's how it used to be in the days before Stan's accident. He used to wash up now and then on my birthday if it didn't clash with the darts. But then of course after his vest got caught in the light shade he was never the same…

So, after I left Stan and became a New age Guru, I did a lot of jigs round and about. There was that nice Festival fer the Queens Jubilee in Ibiza, that nice Gala Night Fiesta as we say in Espana, of course my season with the Circus round England, and not forgetting those nice funny people the Wild Frogz and their Earthheart party. Oh and I had such a nice time at the Edinburgh Festival. We sang a few Shirley Bassey numbers and the crowd seemed to like it. I also decided finally to branch out and do me own fully fledged one woman show. Heck I did it in Pontefract for all those years anyway, what with cleaning and hoovering fer 35 years. It's a blessing to just work an hour and a half on stage now. Seems a lot lighter. Any road up, here are some nice pictures of some of the lovely people I meet. I like being a Guru, it gets you out of the house…..





Oh yes, thought I'd also tell you things people said about me since friends who are in the know said " Doris, luv, if yer going to crochet a new web, you've got to include endorsements fer yer techniques". I said I hadn't done any speeding and was on the right side of the law as far as I could tell. Well, in Spain at least since I'd paid me stamp…. No, said Lil, I mean what people have said about yer work…

"Oh, I see" I said…. So I asked a few people to say some nice things and they kindly obliged.


"Yer going to be really big one day, Doris"  my friend Nikki

"Doris, yer a star",  my friend Lil

"Doris is brilliant"  me dad

"Doris is hilarious"  me mam

"You make a lovely cuppa" , my friend Rog.

I hope these inspire you to book me. I'll do me best to keep yer pots clean.

Luv, doris x