Right luvs, we're getting there….

We all need friends, don't we ? You might think yer a loner and alright on yer own. But I reckon underneath it all we're all the same, more or less…. Give a few pounds here or there…

Anyway, I'm telling you about me friends, cos without them I'd still be in Ponti … or somewhere worse. So a big thank you for those who've got me out of me kitchen…

David Hibling, Artistic Director, International Ringmaster and lovely man. His experience training the PG tips chimps came in handy to guide me - nice since we had all that in common on the tea front. Email: david.hibling@wanadoo.fr

Nick Williams and the Heart at Work project. He's another smasher, a very inspiring man and he also knows how to wear a suit and tie. www.dreambuilderscommunity.com

Maggie Whiteley - Talking of shining stars, here's one luvs, like me - keeps tea bags in her bra cups. If you'd like a life coach extraordinaire to clean your closets, email Maggie@nextlevelcoaching.com

Ian at www.emerald-e.co.uk … A nice green man is our Ian, or Derek to his friends. Websites are his game. He tried being homeless but it didn't suit him so he moved out of Wimbledon and felt a lot better. Find him on the streets of Stratford or under www.greenspirit.org.uk

Nikki Slade . Now there's a lady and a half. If yer too shy to pipe up and can't find yer tongue, she's the one for you ! All new agey like me, sits on a bongo, spots yer blocked chakras , unravels dropped stitches and then she raises the roof ! Can't say fairer than that. If you want to find missing bits of your soul's voice, look up www.freetheinnervoice.com

Ramona Belcher and Beryl live quite happily together in the same body and they both traipsed round Ibiza behind the camera, while I did a tango with a nice Italian man, and sat on an ecological loo. It's alright cos his wife was watching. She's a film-maker and clown - Beryl that is, not the Italian wife. Email her: Ramona@brainache.fsnet.co.uk

And especial thanks to Lil at number 66. Don't think I'd have survived without her. We have such nice chin wags over the fence. And thanks to me mam and dad fer keeping me in tea bags when times were really hard.

Just a quick mention of all me other friends who helped out along the way, Rog, Rita, Fran and Frank, Rodrigo, Boris, Noris, Marlene, Hilda, Betty, Edna, Mary, Jolene and Big Bessie. You know who you are.