Hello luvs , I'm back to tell you about me workshops. Now then there's a lot of very funny people out there and you want to be a bit careful of all those fly by night gurus who want to have a Rolls Royce while you empty yer pockets and wear sack cloth.

I'm not one of those types and I don't see as why you shouldn't have yer very own mansion. So then my techniques in the New Age encourage you to take responsibility fer yer own health and welfare and just stretch yer imagination a little bit beyond yer usual four walls.

Some of me techniques in me show or private sessions include:

If you'd like to book me fer any of me workshops or fer that special occasion, I do special blessings at weddings with instructions on how to clean the toilet throughout married life. (Rubber gloves supplied, "Doris Divine Digits").

I'm also offering "Rebirthing - rediscover yer navel" especially fer the over 50's ladies like me who might be on the rounded side. I say it's always better to be a bit cuddly.

In the Summer luvs, I do ecological tours round Ibiza helping to keep us sparkling. Someone's got to while the rest of 'em are all raving mad.