Portrait of Doris by Heather Reeves



It's bright and fresh this morning, there's crickets in the trees,
I've just run out of loo roll, could you help me please ?
I know we're living in hard times, there's scarcity around,
But if we go beyond the mind, abundance can abound !
Now which of you can see this, who'd like to come with me ?
Go on luv, take a chance on life, it's wonderful and free !

Flying up above the clouds, or in the night of stars,
If you look down you see the earth, if you look left there's mars !
To yer right is Venus, up above there's space,
Underneath Uranus is a special place
There's some call it the S bend, there's others don't quite know,
But I say it's the answer with a nonny nonny no !

With a hey nonny nonny, and a nonny nonny no,
Let's all go round the S bend, come on my luvs, let's go !

Go on then with a focused view, yer sturdy brush in hand,
Let's tell the politicians that it's time a merry band
Took over and took up the slack and let the Mother Earth
Breathe a sigh of huge relief as she begins to birth
A brave new world of warriors with hearts bright bold and big,
And let's make sure we do it with a curly purple wig !

Whatever colour suits you, yer'll know yerself what's best,
When you dig deep down under there's loads of peaceful rest.
A place you can surrender, and lay down all yer arms,
Yer'll find that even wriggly worms can have their special charms.
They eat up all yer body, the spirit gets released,
And soon we will discover that life's a great big feast !

A luxury to treasure, a gift beyond belief,
Our duty is to love life and try to bring relief.
So which of you are with me and which of you are not ?
Come on make up yer mind luv, there's ticking on the clock.
Before it turns too wet to woo, 2012 to you,
Be sure you are responsible for ev'rything you do.

So let's get back to toilets and clean them well and good,
And leave the planet sparkling just like we know we should !
From one light to another, from destiny to dust,
There's loads of that around as well, so clean up luvs we must !!
If you've got loo roll spare my luv, then give me a quick call,
I'll sing and recite poetry and drive you up the wall

I'll make you go beyond it too and open up yer doors,
So you'll live from yer heart instead of making all these wars.
Go in peace and beauty, let yer light shine bright,
Sing a little ditty, it's one world and good night.

With a hey nonny nonny and a nonny nonny no,
Let's all go round the S bend, come on my luvs let's go !

*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *


If you've got poems of yer own about things you feel strongly about in the New Age of global warnings, then write to me ! Let's get our views heard. We've been too mild mannered in our kitchens fer too long and it's about time we spoke up. …

I'm listening to you luvs…..

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